4 Strategies from Companies That Excel at Customer Service Solutions

4 Strategies from Companies That Excel at Customer Service Solutions

A large number of companies claim to offer outstanding customer service, but the truth is that there are few companies that do. By studying some company models, however, it becomes more clear about what a business must do to provide strong customer service. As a result, this article will reviews 4 customer service strategies from companies engaged in a variety of industries to show what strong customer service is.

Company # 1 - CVS

The drugstore chain, CVS, has created an outstanding customer service program in exchange for consumers completing a comment card.

For several decades, the CVS Good Samaritan vans have offered assistance to customers who experience difficulty with their motor vehicles. In return for this service, customers must complete a comment card.

CVS has also received recognition for its innovative use of help desk ticketing. Many other companies have also discovered that improving help desk ticketing  can greatly increase the number of consumers that are satisfied with a company.

Offering this service has created a strong marketing channel for CVS. In many cases, offering strong customer service both helps to attract new customers as well as retain existing customer relationships.

Company # 2 - Jet Blue

The airline company Jet Blue has a very high customer service rating, which is even more unusual considering that a large number of consumers are unhappy with services that are offered by airline companies.

One way in which Jet Blue has maintained high customer service ratings is the use of a “people officer” who surprises consumers with various types of rewards.

Jet Blue has also chosen to emphasize the quality of its flight while many other airline companies focus on making flights affordable.

In 2017, Jet Blue began using customer service software to track customer complaints. This is just one of the many ways in which companies have used technology to supply consumers with strong customer service experiences .

The lesson to this type of service is that by offering strong customer service and creating deep bonds with consumers, companies can continue to offer strong customer service.

Company # 3- Ritz-Carlton

The upscale hotel chain, Ritz-Carlton focuses on providing personalized customer service to people who stay at the company’s hotels.

One story about services offered by Ritz-Carlton involves one of the company’s hotel chains in Bali. A child with allergies had brought special food to stay at the hotel but the food was ruined while traveling. A family member of the hotel’s chef ended up buying suitable products in Singapore then flying to Bali to deliver the items.

By letting its employees take steps to offer strong customer service, Ritz-Carlton turned a customer hardship into an opportunity for the hotel’s employees to bond with its guests.

Company # 4 - Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a specialty grocery store that offers a variety of exotic fruits and other types of organic foods. Many consumer who shop at Trader Joe’s enjoy the outstanding products offered by the company, but Trader Joe’s also offers outstanding customer service.

One story that illuminates the outstanding customer service skills offered by Trader Joe’s revolves around a man who was snowed in during the holidays. The man’s daughter called Trader Joe’s in an effort to find a company that delivered. Even though it was against Trader Joe’s policy, the company offered to deliver goods to the man. The company then proceeded to deliver the items to the man’s house free of charge.

Trader Joe’s has also taken a novel approach in regards to how the company manages multiple products . Trader Joe’s stores are smaller than many other grocery stories, but the company has discovered that consumers are more pleased and have an easier time shopping when there are less selections. Statistics reveal that Trader Joe’s sells as much as Whole Foods, which carries a much larger assortment of products.

These examples that illustrates that Trader Joe’s is sometimes willing to break company rules to deliver outstanding customer service.


There are almost as many ways for a company to offer strong customer service as there are types of company structures. The most important lesson to be gleaned from these stories is that all companies should strive to find ways to offer strong customer service, which can help to improve a company’s reputation and create additional relationships.