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Our platform unifies customer support, success, experience, knowledge management, and account management into one simple platform. Do more, with less, to maximize your retention.

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Communication Hub

The communication hub keeps all of your teams organized in a single place, cuts your time in finding what you need, integrates seamlessly with 3rd party tools, and gives you unparalleled visibility into what your customers and teams are doing.

  • An omni-channel, single pane of glass view that puts all of the system data within a few clicks, including your social media interactions and channels.
  • Track every customer interaction from calendar events, tasks, projects, social media, chats, and other 3rd party integrations like slack and JIRA.
  • Tune Supportbench to exactly how you work, what you are looking at, and make it work for you in a few clicks.
  • Survey customers and gather NPS data allowing you to automate workflows based on their answers.

Success Intelligence

Success intelligence gives you visibility into what’s happening at every point of your business, it simplifies key performance metrics by summarizing them into a 0-100 score, and ultimately saves you time and money.

  • Measure 25+ key KPI metrics to see exactly what’s happening with your team and customers.
  • Customize your score cards, enabling you to grade your performance across companies, agents and the entire organization.
  • The best out-of-the-box real-time dashboards of any solution with a focus on useful metrics.
  • Create custom reports and have them scheduled for delivery.

Priority Tracker

Priority Tracker safeguards no customer or piece of work you’re tracking falls behind.  It keeps you organized, saves you time, effective retention tool, and most importantly it provides your customer exceptional customer service.

  • Tell the system exactly what types of customers or cases are priority.
  • Let the system manage who needs to be supported first by their previous interactions with you and previous performance.
  • Enforce your policies and make sure no customer falls through the cracks.


Did you know that on average, a repeat customer will spend 67% more than a new customer.
Superior case management
Superior case management

Increase your teams productivity with unparalleled customizability and single-pane of glass views.

Calendar and Task management
Calendar and Task management

Manage team calendars and tasks so you never miss a follow-up, SLA, or service ticket.

Net Promoter Scoring and customer surveys
Net Promoter Scoring and customer surveys

CSAT , custom surveys and NPS scoring that produce results you can action on to keep your customers happy and with you.

Real-time analytics, Scorecards, and Insights
Real-time analytics, Scorecards, and Insights

Pinpoint patterns, identify top agents, and get all the KPIs you need without business intelligence tools allowing to make informed decisions.

Knowledge base and Customer portal
Knowledge base and Customer portal

Empower your customers with a robust knowledge centric knowledge base and agent ticket management.

Integrations not Add-ons
Integrations not Add-ons

Easily integrate with popular tools, synchronize their data, and build with our REST API.


Supportbench levels the playing field for small-medium businesses by giving you all the tools you need to make every one of your customers a success.

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We love the granular configuration of the workflows … which really make our job as efficient as possible.
David Hendley
Technical Support Lead, Southern Solutions


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